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New Selection of the finest produce

The passion behind Solstice ensures that consistently superior and exciting produce is selected. Solstice produce undergoes a stringent selection process. All goods are meticulously sourced.

Such emphatic sourcing means that the client can relax in the knowledge that the essential groundwork has been done and that their order will be of unrivalled quality.

Whatever the request

Each order receives careful individual attention. Whether you would like Cos lettuce or Charlotte potatoes, or the more exotic Alfonso mango or Bok Choi, Solstice will source and select the finest available in whatever quantity.

The experienced Solstice team can advise on flavours, quantities, seasonality and selection. For your convenience, the order can be prepared and packed to your own specification by the Solstice specialist prep team.

Client Focus is the pivotal component of the Solstice philosophy. Everything is geared to you, the client. Once
an order has been placed, Solstice offers twenty-four hour back-up with its experienced support team.

Preparation of specialist orders

Solstice provides precision preparation. Fruit and vegetables are hand-prepared to the client’s exact specifications by skilled craftsmen: potatoes can be chipped; parsley chopped; carrots grated or sliced; mangoes diced; oranges segmented; salads washed and mixed – the possible variations are endless.

The prep team’s sterile, refrigerated kitchen maintains the freshness of the produce. Solstice preparation is an entirely cost effective labour-saver. The client will be cutting both costs and time: their tailored order will not only contain the finest produce around but it will also be excellently prepared, packed as they wish and ready to go.

Distribution and delivery

Solstice ensures that the ‘cool-chain’ is maintained from the moment their produce is harvested. All orders are stored, prepared and individually packaged in a specialised refrigerated environment. The food leaves Solstice’s headquarters in state-of-the-art refrigerated vans.

The client can be assured that the freshness and quality of the produce is prioritised at all times. Deliveries are tailored to the client: if the client wants 15 kilos of cored Braeburn apples at 6.30am the Solstice support team will guarantee their efficient delivery, on time.

See you soon

Solstice brings precision and peace of mind to fruition. Exemplary teamwork ensures excellence in all departments, whether it is in the produce sourcing, preparation or delivery. The client is consistently central to Solstice thinking and is offered a complete service. This results in client confidence: they receive the best from the best.

The sun always shines at Solstice.

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