About us

0207 498 7700
Solstice Limited, Unit 16, Merton Industrial Park, Lee Road,
Wimbledon, SW19 3HX

Solstice was established in 1997 by an ex-Michelin star chef with 20 years experience in the foodservice industry. The company was initially based near Covent Garden. Since then, our philosophies behind Solstice are to understand the client’s needs and to prioritise them at all times. 

Reynolds Catering Supplies tied up with Solstice in 2018. They acquired and invested in Solstice to incorporate a flexible, specialist fresh produce greengrocer for some of their customers.
We moved from a small operation hand cutting fruit and vegetables to a more automated operation following an investment from the Reynolds group. Solstice now have preparation capabilities that enable consistency, precision and speed of service.

The ethos is to source, where possible, from the UK. We have an extensive register of farmers around the country who are more than willing to produce the best quality possible. Modern food trends, together with constant demands from clients, have enabled Solstice to offer a comprehensive list of locally grown products, putting us way ahead of our competitors.

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